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About The Banana Leaf Kitchen

A modern South Indian Restaurant with contemporary design and a menu that is going to steal the hearts of people from all walks of life, the young and old alike. 


The Banana Leaf Kitchen is set to open its doors and bring you a whimsically enticing visual treat and a tantalising food escapade that unites the best of both traditional South Indian and our Malaysian Indian homemade favourites which have a touch of our local fare.


The Banana Leaf Kitchen is planted right in the heart of Eco Botanic beside Educity Iskandar where some of the major schools and Universities such as Southampton, New Castle, Marlborough College and Raffles American school are located. It is just a ten minute drive away from the Second Link, Nusajaya.


In Johor Bahru, we have the homemade Indian dishes that have been the favourites among many of us for countless decades now. The idea of Banana Leaf Kitchen derived when we decided to cause a revolution in the F&B industry with an authentic array of dishes that is worth your every dollar to satisfy your palate, in a botanical ambience of a green and lush feel, and essentially ‘service from the heart’ which is something that everyone can relate to. The unique concept is one of its kind and most assuredly the first in the whole of Malaysia. 


The Banana Leaf Kitchen’s interior and design is fashioned towards an exuberant garden sensation. Banana trees which are considered sacred to Indians and some other plants adorn the exterior of the restaurant. The colour green symbolise nature, energy, harmony, freshness and environment. All of these positive vibes when coupled with flavoursome food, provide the perfect culinary experience. Patrons can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere  the restaurant has to offer with its shades of green fluttering in soft breezes. The decor is unquestionably ideal for Instagram worthy photos. 


The new world Banana Leaf is sure to be the talk of the town as the enchanted leafy paradise. The highlight of the restaurant are the Banana Trees that symbolise beauty, femininity, prosperity and abundance in the Hindu culture.


With all said about the design of the restaurant, now comes the most important part, the Food!

The high point of the Banana Leaf Kitchen is undeniably the banana leaf set meal that is served with its condiments and side dishes for lunch. Mutton Briyani will be the other outstanding feature on our menu. Chettinad Chicken, Prawn Masala, Crab Curry and Tiger Prawn Sambal will be some of our alluring non-vegetarian dishes. Fried paavakaai, parankikkaai and many others will be our equally mouth watering vegetarian dishes. And not to forget, our irresistible and all time favourite Fish Head Curry and also our Mutton Curry.

We offer varieties of thosai from plain to those with delectable fillings. Uttampam is yet another must try item on our menu. Our signature dishes such as Kaya Butter Thosai and Butter Scotch Thosai will be a satisfying treat for those with a sweet tooth and children alike. Kothu Prata types such as mutton, chicken and vegetarian are also available. Our Beetroot Thosai is not just nutritious and healthy but equally an enticing dish when compared with the non-veg items.

Our chefs are all from various parts of South India and have remarkable years of culinary experience with associated accolades in preparing fine South Indian food. They are knowledgeable and well-versed in their field of work. 


In Summation, the Banana Leaf Kitchen offers an artistic and intricately planned extensive menu of food items which are simply a marvellous blend of carefully chosen spices and fresh high quality ingredients, to give every patron a wholesome and robust culinary experience in a green paradise. 


Our Mission: To provide a once in a time experience in terms of taste, ambience and a service from the heart at the best value

From the Press



To Dine at The Banana Leaf Kitchen is take an epicurean journey through south India.


Our Mission

To provide a wholesome dining experience with excellent food quality and service that exceeds customer's expectation at the best value.


Our Value

To keep it simple, enjoy yourself, give it your all,spread the love, think fresh & grow with us.

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