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The Banana Leaf Kitchen

The Banana Leaf Kitchen’s interior and design is fashioned towards an exuberant garden sensation. Banana trees which are considered sacred to Indians and some other plants adorn the exterior of the restaurant. The colour green symbolise nature, energy, harmony, freshness and environment. All of these positive vibes when coupled with flavoursome food, provide the perfect culinary experience. Patrons can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere  the restaurant has to offer with its shades of green fluttering in soft breezes. The decor is unquestionably ideal for Instagram worthy photos.

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

A modern South Indian Restaurant with contemporary design and a menu that is going to steal the hearts of people from all walks of life, the young and old alike.

The Banana Leaf Kitchen is set to open its doors and bring you a whimsically enticing visual treat and a tantalising food escapade that unites the best of both traditional South Indian and our Malaysian Indian homemade favourites which have a touch of our local fare.

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